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Recreational Diving


Subway Dive Centre is in a great position to offer you a unique diving experience, not just because of the magnificent Mediterranean Waters, but also the expertise of our staff. All of Subway's dive team see it as part of their job to help and advice you in any aspect of the diving industry.


Beginner Dives


Learning with Subway it is easy and fun. Malta offers the ideal conditions to learn, let us take care of you, rest assured you are in good hands.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving - Option 1:
1 dive up to 6m, including briefing, equipment and PADI Instructor 

Price:   40.00


PADI Discover Scuba Diving - Option 2:

1st Dive up to 6m & 2nd Dive up to 12m, including briefing, equipment and PADI Instructor

Price: 77.00


Accompanied Dives


For the experienced diver who does not need instruction to dive we can offer the most magnificent of dives around our islands. Accompanied by our instructors you will be taken in groups, according to your diving experience, to exotic dive sites by boat or car. Some of these sites are remote so adventure is guaranteed.


Dive sites like...

Ras il-Wahx, Ras ir-Raheb, Fessej Rock, Fungus Rock, Crocodile Rock, Azure Window, Blue Hole and hundreds of other magnificent sites, offer you excitement, marine life, colours, breath-taking scenery, caves and corals that equal any other dive destination on this planet.



In Malta we are spoilt for great dive sites...


Here are some suggestions as to which wetsuit will best suit the Maltese climate around the year

Months Sea Temp Suit
January - May 15-18C 5mm Full suit or Dry suit
June - October 20-27C 3mm Shortie or 3mm Body suit
November - December 16-20C 5mm Full suit

Here are the dive packages that Subway Dive Centre offers to certified divers. We are sure you will find the dive pack that suits your requirements.


Certified Divers ~ Dive Packages

Dive Pack Description Tanks & Weights
1   Dive Shore dive done locally in the AFTERNOON    30.00
2   Dives One Day Diving (2 SHORE DIVES) tanks & weights    60.00
6   Dive Pack May include wreck, cave, reef, wall  160.00
10 Dive Pack May include wreck, cave, reef, wall  250.00

Rental of Full set of Diving Equipment (not including Dry Suit, Torch & Computer)

 15 per day
20% Discount on Rental of Diving Equipment Rate will apply if diver does 6 or  more dives

Above Prices include Tanks & Weights, Dive Guide and transport to dive sites on Malta



Night Diving 5.00 per diver
Upgrade Air Cylinder to Nitrox 10Litre or 12 Litre 22%-40% - 5.00
Diving Trip to Gozo (car and ferry) - 25 per diver per day
Diving Trip to Comino (boat) - 25 per diver per day
Passengers accompanying divers on Gozo & Comino 25.00 for the day (subject availability)
Passengers accompanying divers on shore dives (Malta) 5.00 per day (subject to availability)

Subway Divers - Photo by Publio Attard

Subway Divers - Photo Publio Attard

Subway Divers on Tug Boat Rozi & Cirkewwa


Unaccompanied Diving


Divers who want to Dive Unaccompanied by a Diving Centre must be certified as a PADI Advanced, BSAC Sports Diver, CMAS 2* or equivalent certification from another  recognized dive training organization. Subway Dive Centre will need a photocopy of the certification of the Unaccompanied Diver. Divers not certified as above may dive unaccompanied only if they are under the direct supervision of a member of their own group who is an Instructor. This Instructor must have a current Diving Medical Certificate and apply for a Temporary Maltese Instructor License (this can all be done through Subway Dive Centre). 


Medical Requirements for Accompanied & Unaccompanied Divers

A Self-Assessment Medical Form has to be filled in and signed.  Form can be downloaded using this link www.subwayscuba.com/medicalstatement.doc  or www.subwayscuba.com/medicalstatement.pdf If any medical condition that may restrict the diver/student from diving arises from this form, he/she will have to have a Medical Examination by a Doctor. A fee of approx 25 to 35 will be charged for this service. Alternatively, divers can bring their own diving medical.


Air Cylinders Rental

Rate per Cylinder

10 Litre


12 Litre


15 Litre

Nitrox Cylinders Rental

Rate per Cylinder

12 Litre


Pony Nitrox



 Discounted Air Cylinder Rates for The Diver that uses 5 Air Cylinders or 10 Air Cylinders during his/her stay...

5 Cylinders (any size)    & weights


10 Cylinders (any size)  & weights


Following prices are on a per day basis:
Description (accompanied divers) Rate/Day

Full set of equipment (not including Dry Suit, Torch & Computer)


Mask & snorkel




Wetsuit jacket & Long John/pants              


Regulator & pressure gauge & octopus     

BCD  5.00

Weight belt & weights 



Booties 2.50
Torch w/o batteries 4.00
20% Discount on Rental of Diving Equipment Rate will apply if diver does 6 or more dives




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