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Marsascala ~ Tugs


The scuttling of these two tug boats became a reality in November 1996 when Mr. Anthony Cassar Managing Director for Cassar Group donated the boats to the diving community and also offered to carry out the cleaning & scuttling operation of these boats free of charge.


These tug boats one a Tanac Type “St Michael” 20 meters in length  built in 1944 by a Canadian Company & the other 16 meters long, Melita Type "Tug Number 10"  saw  many years of service towing numerous other ships around Grand Harbour, they were laid up at Jetties Wharf  and left partially submerged.

Tugs, "St. Michael & No. 10" were scuttled on the 16th May 1998 on a flat sandy bottom, free of posidonia meadows.

They are in an upright position adjacent to the reef at a depth of 21 and 22 metres.  

The bows of Tug Boat No. 10 lie up against the base of the reef, with its stern about 3 metres away from it.  The Tug Boat St. Michael lies about 60 metres off the bow of the fist tug, taking a compass bearing of 90degrees, once moving off the wreck.  The second tugboat is situated approximately 15 metres from the reef, when visibility is good it can be seen from the reef.


The Tugs have created a lovely artificial reef and have become a home to an abundance of marine life.




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