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Scuba Diving in Malta is considered the best diving in the Mediterranean and it's easy too. The Maltese islands are blessed with warm temperatures, even in winter, clear, unpolluted seas, with visibility underwater in excess of thirty metres. Hundreds of kilometres of coastline, many of which are still unexplored, make the Maltese archipelago a favourite with adventurous divers.


St. Paul's Islands


These islands are at the western entrance to St Paul's Bay and the only way of reaching the islands is by boat. There are various dive sites at St Paul's Islands, including the location where St Paul was supposed to have been shipwrecked. Although there is nothing to show this, there are other remains such as some plates and ribs form an old destroyer HMS Kingston and a small ferry sunk purposely in 1984. There was also an algae-covered statue of Christ that was sunk purposely when Pope Jon Paul II visited the Maltese Islands. The Statue of Christ was later on moved to a new location off Qawra Point. Another dive, is an open water reef dive. The seabed is covered in rocks and boulders, and small sea urchins and fire worms can be seen. Another dive is St Paul's valley, found between the two islands. The seabed is of white sand and is covered in boulders and Posidonia, where numerous wrasse can be found. Between the sea grass, broad-snouted pipefish can also be seen. Maximum depth - 25 metres




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