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MV Scotscraig



This is a lovely wreck found in Anchor Bay reachable by boat. The MV Scotscraig is usually associated with the Hollywood Musical movie Popeye filmed in Malta 1980.  The film set is still in place and is known as Popeye Village.

After the shooting of the film the MV Scotscraig was used as a submerged barge during the construction of the break water at Anchor Bay. When the breakwater was ready she was towed out to be taken elsewhere but during the transit the tow ropes broke she tilted and sunk.




The opening of the Tay Road Bridge in 1966 brought an end to the ferry service and the MV Scotscraig (1951) and MV Abercraig (1931)where sold to a Maltese company and ended their remaining days in Malta.

Abercraig was eventually scrapped but the MV Scotscraig is still rendering a service to scuba divers and sits upright on a sandy bottom at 21 metres, relatively intact. 

During this dive you will most probably see a number of eels, groupers, octopus, and the occasional stingray.

MV Scotscraig in 1966 during her last voyage

Scotscraig is the name of a place near Tayport and the firth of Tay, a large bay which separates Newport-on-Tay in Fife and Dundee, in the eastern central lowlands of Scotland. The MV Scotscraig, was one of the four ferries providing the crossing under the 'Tay Ferry Service' (known as the 'Fifie'). Like her only sister ship, MV Abercraig, the MV Scotscraig was powered by twin screw diesel engines but also equipped with, the Voith Schneider propellers.


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