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Fish are aquatic vertebrates that have vertebral column called spine. A classic fish is a torpedo shaped. The fish contains head containing a brain and sensory organs, a trunk with a muscular wall surrounding a cavity with the internal organs and a muscular post-anal tail.

A typical fish is ectothermic, has a streamlined body for rapid swimming, extracts oxygen from water using gills or uses an accessory breathing organ to breathe atmospheric oxygen, has two sets of paired fins, usually one or two (rarely three) dorsal fins, an anal fin, and a tail fin, has jaws, has skin that is usually covered with scales, and lays eggs.


The following are the general characteristic that all the fish species posses:


Ectothermic - regulates body temperature
Lateral line or lines
Two chambered heart
Gills used for respiration
No external ears
No eye lids

Dusky Grouper


All the species of the fish found in the world are classified into the following groups and each type of fish has its own characteristics based on the group that they belong to:


Agnatha - jawless fish

Jaws are absent
Fins are absent
Skeleton is made up of cartilage
Posses round eel like body
Absence of swim bladder and gill covers
Soft skins made up of scales
Oviparous animals
Found in marine and fresh water

Moray Eel


Chondrichthyes class: cartilaginous fish
Cartilage make up the skeleton
Body is covered with triangular placoid scales
Posses ventral subterminal mouth
Fins are stiff and non-flexible
Absence of swim bladder
Internal fertilization
Found only in marine water


Osteichthyes class: bony fish:

  • Ray finned group
    Lobe finned group

Bones make up the skeleton
The gills are covered with operculum
Swim bladder is present
Fins are made up of rays and spines
This species posses different types of scales
External fertilization

Flying Gurnard


Dr. Alan Deidun - Senior Lecturer, University of Malta, Physical Oceanography Unit is amongst other things involved in researching marine life around the Maltese Islands.  Mr. Deidun has participated in producing a variety of scientific papers, some of which can be seen and downloaded from links found below.  More work from Dr. Alan Deidun can be found on his website www.alandeidun.webs.com/downloads.htm




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