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Scuba Diving in Malta is considered the best diving in the Mediterranean. The Maltese islands are blessed with warm temperatures, even in winter, clear, unpolluted seas, with visibility underwater in excess of thirty metres. Hundreds of kilometres of coastline, many of which are still unexplored, make the Maltese archipelago a favourite with adventurous divers


Ghar Lapsi


In the Maltese language 'Ghar' means cave. Ghar Lapsi is a fishing hamlet on the southern coast.



Access to the water is easy. Within a few strokes from the entry point is a shallow system of underwater caves lit up with beams of sunlight from the numerous exits.

The Ghar Lapsi area is mostly in the 15 to 20 metres depth range and offers a large area of parallel reefs and depressions with most of the typical marine fauna of the Mediterranean. Maximum depth - 20 metres.



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