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Scuba Diving in Malta is considered the best diving in the Mediterranean. The Maltese islands are blessed with warm temperatures, even in winter, clear, unpolluted seas, with visibility underwater in excess of thirty metres. Hundreds of kilometres of coastline, many of which are still unexplored, make the Maltese archipelago a favourite with adventurous divers


E Boat (German Enemy Boat)

WWII Wreck - Exploded on its way to be scuttled August 1947 - Depth 40 metres


To the British and Americans these lethal boats were simply enemy boats, or E-boats. To the Germans they were S-boots or Schnellboots - simply fast boats. For a period during the Second World War they controlled a respectable portion of the Mediterranean Sea and a sizeable area of the English Channel, specifically the area between Smiths Knoll and The Wash called E-boat Alley.




Scattered remains of a German E Boat including a Wing of an Aeroplane were these purposely sunk or shot down?.

The possibility of the E Boat being the S34 was written off as the S34 was hit by the 9.2 cannon from Fort St. Leonard, after it drifted out to sea about 12 kilometres off Zonqor point it was purposely sunk by a German Me109 Fighter so that it does not fall into enemy hands.

From an Article of The Times of Malta dated 13th August 1947 it was found that Six German E Boats were brought to Malta from Italy (at the end of the war for Italy). These E Boats were loaded with explosives and over a period of time towed out at sea to be disposed of from Marsaxlokk Harbour. It was noted in one article that one of these E Boats exploded off Zonqor Point very close to Land. This explains the extensive damage of this E Boat.

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Information taken from Dinja Ohra 4


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