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Ras il-Wahx, Ras ir-Raheb, Fessej Rock, Fungus Rock, Crocodile Rock, Azure Window, Blue Hole and hundreds of other magnificent sites, offer you excitement, marine life, colours, breath-taking scenery, caves and corals that equal any other dive destination on this planet.

Ahrax Point

This is the north-eastern point of Malta. There are a number of caves at the surface and several tunnels. The entry is a narrow inlet with depths from three to ten metres. A ten minute snorkel gets to the point where two options present themselves - to the left a reef rich in marine life and an impressive drop-off and to the right, an underwater entrance to a large cave. Through out the dive the divers are bound to sea loads of cardinal fish, corals and red sponges.

This Dive can be done from shore and also by boat.  It is a great second dive after diving Lantern Point on Comino Island or the Imperial Eagle off Qawra Point. Maximum depth - 25 metres.

Ahrax Point as seen off the diving boat


Tunnel has holes on top - sun rays seeping through

Inside the Inland Sea



The Tunnel that leads into and out of the Inland Sea

Short Tunnel leading out of the Inland Sea

Photos Clare Lindeque


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